Saturday, 5 June 2010

2000ad - Destinys Angels. - The Story that Inspired the Fink Brother Record

Borag Thung
, What's up Earthlets? Welcome to the new Blog comic 2000MAD! The 2 comic strips included here, are to commemorate the Fink Brothers record released 25 years ago. Below is The Fink, The first appearance of this truly mad mutant that led to the name of the band. But first see the Fink Brothers fight Dredd as Destiny's Angels here. For more light relief check out Judge Bedd (Judge Bedders get it?) Further down a 2000AD themed strip from Madness' own comic the MIS magazine. Finally the 15th anniversary strip Drip Fed Dredd by the blog master taken from this site's previous incarnation from the year 2000. Enjoy.


Large Screen Off Site Version

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