Saturday, 5 June 2010

Return Of The Fink Brothers On Mad Songs?

Have The Fink Brothers ever returned to a Madness Record?

Since 1985, along with Suggs, Carl has appeared on 4 more Madness albums as well as penning his own Velvet Ghost album. Mean Machine had a "Brutal" setting on his metal head dial, and in 2000 Carl wrote the song "Why be Brutal?" about anger including the line "Why be murderous, Anger is just turbulence" perhaps a small peice of Mean's life there coming through? Equally he wrote the dark tale "The Weak and the Strong" which has small echoes of the Cursed Earth struggles within in it's wider scope. Neither is directly related though.

While it would be amusing to suggest The Dangermen's Dreader Than Dread is somehow connected it's clearly only in a lineage to the name sake ska Judge character from jamacian songs and not 2000ad's central character. The 2000ad early Judge Dredd Mythos parrallels most closely perhaps with the 10 minute epic title track of Madness's new album The Liberty Of Norton Folgate. The long and ghastly story of a small Liberty outside of the Main city of London is a victorian themed setting across time but it bares comparrision with the Mutants out side Mega City One in places too...

"Night wanderers, the feeble, the ghastly, upon whom death, Had placed a very sure hand, Some in shreds and patches,"

The only sure fire certain return of The Fink Brothers though comes surely on Suggs Solo Album "The Three Pyramids Club" and it's title track. The clues are more blatant.

"On the tables in the their brown suede shoes, While the band plays the rhythm of a mutant blues."

The Fink B side is name checked early on in this tune. To be Followed by the more telling...

"Except the man with the metal head, Who stands up slowly eyes full of hatred."

This tale of a soho inspired drinking den in some unknown plastic backwater clearly gets a visit from Mean Machine and things start to kick off. Quick call for Judge Dredd.

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