Saturday, 5 June 2010

House Of Fink - A new 2010 Madness Book

In 2010 a new book House Of Fun - The Madness Story is due for release. An unofficial but detailed history of the band and all their projects. The Fink Brothers project therefore gets a bit of a mention within the book. And this Fink Blog can exclusively tell you that author John Reed has words from both 2000ad artist Brian Bolland about the artwork for the Project. And also spoke to No.1 Magazine's Fink Brother Photographer Mike Prior, who first created the look of the live Fink Brothers experience. So expect a couple of new comments on the record to come in it's 25th year. (Unless Fink and Mean reach the publishers first as they intend to rewrite the book as House Of Fink, making it focus only on them and containing photographs of all the bones of people they have dispensed with over the years along with a few holiday snaps of Cursed Earth.)

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