Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mutant Blues - Lyrics

FINK - (Here we come)

MEAN - Stuck out in the city dump
The sewers are our home
Five miles deep (deep) underground
Where nothings all we grow

Bad thing
Viscously ?
All aboard

FINK - All aboard towards the city

MEAN - There one thing that we all hate
The norms above in bed
By the light of the moon we'll be coming soon
The only good norm's a norm that dead

Get up off your backs
Sharpen your axe
Mega city one here we come

Mental Pauly
Chainsaw Charlie
All goin out to a bone picking party (ha ha)

Both - Them bones
Them bones
Them dry bones (Repeat times 13)

Mean - (Send my regards to ……….to cursed earth )

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