Saturday, 5 June 2010

Suggs Marries Fink Brother Shocker!

Mean (Fink Brother) met the woman of his dreams - Sarah 'Seven-Pound Sadie' Suggs, so named because of the seven-pound hammer she wields. They first met when Mean butted his way into a Texas bank, intent on violent crime - but Sadie Suggs was already robbing it. She hit him with her hammer and escaped, while Mean was left dazed and smitten - love at first smash. After some wooing and canoodling, the date for their marriage was set. The Angel Gang used the wedding as an excuse to extort 'wedding presents' - minimum value 50 creds - from the local population. The marriage went ahead but before the honeymoon could begin, Sadie duped Mean into knocking himself out and she stole away with all the loot, never to be seen again!
In the story "Mean Machine Gets Married!", in the Dredd Annual 1983, Script writer Alan Grant named this character slightly after Suggs. It being a Female mutant, I'm sure he was thrilled! This being two years before the Fink Brothers record, it is perhaps the first link between the band and the comic and the character of mean machine, though Madness were always vocally fans of 2000ad. A start that lead to greater things.

(With Thanks to W. R. Logan & Mark Latus)

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